You are at the right place!

You can easily and fast order food and drinks with delivery
RIGHT KNOW. The simple websystem for ordering food, drinks and other goodnesses will surely satisfy even You.

Order food and drinks and take a little care of our predeclared territorial attainability for our delivery. It is possible to deliver to other localities after a pre-arrangement.

You can also visit us and enjoy the atmosphere of a restaurant in the american style of the years before the worldwars.
We prepare bigger actions like meetings, seminars, weddings, etc.
Internet free by WI-FI. Open : Mo - Su : 11:00 - 24:00.

The best way of order is for the REGISTRATED. So don´t hesitate … and make Your registration. Payment via meal tickets :

we accept sodexo we accept vouchers we accept credit card

Our restaurant in Repy in Prague si right place for you. We can cook the best breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. If we are talking about lunches, we are favourite pizza restaurant for many people in our neighbourhood. We can delivery your dinner to your home or office.

Do you like pizza? And do you think, that only pizzeria can meet your requirements? It is mistake, beacuse our restaurant is better than many pizza's in Prague. You can taste it and send us an email, what is your opinion.

We can cook the best steak for you from the best meat. Don't think, that our restaurant can cook only spaghetti.

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